Beach Textures

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Download All Four Files in One

More Hi-Res texture freebies for creative people everywhere. You can download them by clicking on them individually or download all four files in one. They were taken on Queensland beaches…beautiful one day, perfect the next.

Greeting Card – Lillie

Another design for a greeting card this time featuring Lillie, one of my handmade bears. She also has a bookmark to match. She looks quite classy in her handcrafted hat.

I thought a matching bookmark tucked inside a greeting card added a nice little touch for someone’s birthday or special occasion, so I designed bookmarks to match all my birthday cards and blank cards.

To see my full range of cards and bookmarks please visit the Cards For Sale page or my Zazzle store

Intro Page Design

Since my last post I’ve been considering splitting my website into two parts, one part for my design work and one for my handcrafted bear work. This may happen at some point in the future so in the meantime I’ve created the above design as part of a new intro page.

If the change occurs you would enter the Wild Witch Graphics website and here you would find the intro page. This page would provide you with a choice of selecting one of two buttons to take you to either Wild Witch Design or Wild Witch Bears.

Building a design montage is always fun!