Baby Butcher Bird

What a cutie!

This baby Butcher Bird landed on our verandah this morning and I had to quickly get a couple of photos. Now, anyone who’s watched me knows that I don’t rush when it comes to taking a photo, so in this case you could say I was lucky :)



This little fellow was sat next to me in a park in Hobart. The iridescent purple in his feathers is quite stunning. Maybe I’ll include him as part of my Hobart city design.

Tawny Frogmouth


This Tawny Frogmouth turned up in our garden yesterday and was with us again today. I couldn’t resist taking his photo, and although he didn’t look too happy about it, he graciously obliged. Those piercing eyes seem to say it all. The colour and texture of his feathers are amazing and will create an interesting graphic element when used in a design.