Bear Signature

bear signature

Most artists like to put their signature on their finished work and bear makers are no exception. Here’s a rough draft of a signature I’ve designed for Wild Witch Bears. I’m going to embroider it onto the finished bear’s footpad. Above is what it should look like. It’s comprised of an L for Lorraine (that’s me), a W for Wild Witch and if you look at it from the side you’ll notice the signature forms a witches profile!




This is a poster for the Trampoline Design Conference. It was created as a college assignment (using mainly Photoshop) for the Melbourne conference venue. The tram tracks in the poster are actually a map of the Melbourne tramway.

The Orchid Academy

the orchid academy

A Logo created as part of Wild Witch Graphics website design for The Orchid Academy, a correspondence school which specialises in Horticulture and Orchid Growing accredited courses. The logo is designed to be representative of both horticulture and correspondence education. The centre square of the logo symbolizes a postage stamp which alludes to the Academy’s activities as a correspondence school. A wave pattern adds to the correspondence theme by representing the franking on a letter. It also symbolizes the furrows of horticulture.