Logo Design for CTA


A new logo designed for a new client!

Poster Idea

I’m just starting a ‘Melbourne’ poster in a style similar to the one above only more so :)

There are certain ‘things’ that make Melbourne unique and I can think of several, some obvious, some personal. With literally hundreds of photos of the city in my albums I’m sure I won’t be stuck for content.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the cloud brushes for starters!

If anyone has any thoughts to share about what makes Melbourne special please let me know as feedback is always interesting and welcome.

Greeting Card – Lillie

Another design for a greeting card this time featuring Lillie, one of my handmade bears. She also has a bookmark to match. She looks quite classy in her handcrafted hat.

I thought a matching bookmark tucked inside a greeting card added a nice little touch for someone’s birthday or special occasion, so I designed bookmarks to match all my birthday cards and blank cards.

To see my full range of cards and bookmarks please visit the Cards For Sale page or my Zazzle store