This is Lillie, so named after Lillie Langtry a British actress who was a star of the stage in the late 1800′s. Lillie stands just 18 cm (7 inches) high. With her ribbon roses, pearls, beads and crystals she is quite the Victorian lady. I can already visualise her on a classy birthday card. Hmm, I think I have an idea…

Back soon!

Greeting Card – Bjorn

Here’s a greeting card featuring one of my handmade bears called Bjorn. After careful selection from an original photo in Photoshop, I’ve placed him on a snowy background and added a few flakes and blurred the scene a little. I’ve then designed a couple of snowflake elements to carry the design through and added a suitable inside message.

There you have it!

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Here’s a guy who will be on my next greeting card. His name is Bjorn. I made him a nice warm sweater that I hope he’ll grow into one day, and a stylish hat with holes in the side. Just the thing for bears with pokey-out ears.